Cosmetic Packaging Design – Driving Trends To Lookout For

A Global market research, predicted that cosmetic packaging market will reach 37.25 billion USD. This success is escalating because of a blend of technology development and increase in consumption of beauty products. Packaging a significant element in marketing strategy for cosmetic manufacturers, so that they are able to compete and thrive in this retail sector. They are consistently challenged with changing trends, so it is crucial to create innovative packaging design.

Driving trends to lookout for in cosmetic packaging designs


In nearly each sector, the desire of consumers is bending towards more authentic and high quality products. The mass produced feel and look is vanishing and in its place product branding is switching to simple but genuine design. As there is a demand for authentic products, your packaging designs for big or small cosmetic boxes must communicate this image, especially to first time buyers.

The characteristics of these designs need to incorporate hand-written or free form fonts, natural color palette, and simple illustrations. In cosmetic sector, the long term popularity of bright colors are becoming a past and you can see simple pastels efficiently interest customers.

Minimalistic luxury

For an appealing cosmetic package designing, luxury is a crucial element but make sure not to overdo it. Customers can find this overboard approach overwhelming, who just need to use the basics. Several manufacturers detected this change in customer interest and are taking minimalistic approach using subtle touches instead of aspects that scream luxury.

Legacy and quality in luxury brand is still potent but new individualities defining luxury packaging includes tangible textures, soft color palettes, and subtle design elements. Textured packaging can be competitive differentiator as it captures and engages customers, before they take product home.

Ultra-pure packaging

Consumers appreciate minimal designed products, which has driven the extreme purity packaging design trend. Buyers just require to understand cosmetic claims instantly by looking at the packaging design.

Ultra-purity package designs does not cause distraction from main message. They can be creative and modernized, so as to concentrate on most vital branding strategy elements. Designs depend on simplistic monochromatic or dichromatic colored palettes along with ultra-pure branding elements like stripped down graphics or geometric patterns and shapes.

Cosmeceutical industry trends always fluctuate, so your product packaging strategy requires to be scalable, so as to adapt these changes. The above packaging trends will possibly affect existing and futuristic beauty and cosmetic sector. Therefore keep a watch for above packaging design trends!